As part of a regular artistic practice, Ariel loves drawing. Some drawings are just sketches - others are realized more fully - and some are prints using different printmaking techniques. 

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Squiggles &

Abstract Landscapes 

Gouache & Ink on Paper 

6" x 4"


Somewhere in-between creating patterns and making landscapes, this series merges together building block elements like simple shapes - squares, circles, triangles & primary colors - with organic amoeba like shapes and tertiary colors. The result is a balance between order and mess. 


Big Shapes & Straight from the Tub Colors 

Marker & Gouache on Paper

17" x 12"


This series focuses on shifting scale and fluid mark making. Shapes are made through quick and gestural marks, influenced by the tools used to create them. Bigger shapes are made using big markers, small marks using small markers. This, in combination with straight from the tube colors gives an elementary feel that radites energy. 

Sisters Around the House 



6" x 6"

Created off a series of photos my mom took of my sister & I doing things around the house. The roll of film includes Natasha painting my face, me making juice & Natasha washing dishes. I loved my moms dedication to documenting & highlighting mundane activities. This series was made in hopes of furthering that. 

Sketchy Forms Come to Life 

Marker, gouache & Ink on paper

6" x 4"ish

This series is somewhere in-between "Big Shapes & Straight from the Tube Colors" and "Checkers, Squiggles, & Abstract Landscapes". This series shares a number of similar elements to them but is more sketchy and less resolved. Additionally abstracted forms take on more personified and human like characteristics and actions. 

Bus Stop 



5"x 8"


A little girl waits at the bus stop on a crowded street. Behind her a prostitute is a approached by a car.  

Images repurposed from RISD's Picture Collection and Google Maps. 

© 2018 Ariel Noltimier Strauss 

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